How To Choose The Right Resume Format

Choose the Right Resume Format


A resume is like a key that can unlock the doors to your professional growth and career opportunities. The first and foremost step in resume making is its formatting because that is what the first thing every hiring manager notices. You must have heard the famous saying “first impression is the last impression,” this saying sits best in the case of resume formatting as the recruiter will notice it before start reading all the information it contains and draw an idea about your personality.

So, if you choose the appropriate format for your resume, you increase the chances of getting hired. On the other hand, a wrong formatted resume can make you lose an opportunity as the recruiter may find it difficult to understand. Therefore, creating a well-organized and engaging resume is significant to capture the attention of the hiring manager so that your first impression would be admirable. There are various formats for resume, but choosing the suitable one is sometimes complicated. So, let’s explore and learn how to choose the right resume format.


Understanding Different Resume Formats

Deciding the correct resume format according to your incredible skills and experiences is crucial. Therefore, you must understand different formats before picking one for your resume. Here are some of the most common resume formats that you need to know


  1. Functional Resume: This type of resume is usually formatted when you want to switch your careers. You only mention your skills and accomplishments in this resume format instead of your work experience.


  1. Reverse Chronological Resume: This type of resume contains information in a reverse chronological sequence, meaning you mention your most recent work experience or accomplishment first. In this way, your resume highlights your recent job at the top of your experience section.


  1. Combination Resume: The combination resume is a mixture of both functional and reverse chronological resumes, as you mention your skills and accomplishments in reverse order. It also contains precise information about your work experience. 



Choosing the Right Format for Your Resume

After making a clear understanding of the different resume formats, you can finally decide which format would be suitable per your phenomenal skills and professional background. So, here is a guide for how you can quickly select your resume format:


  1. Highlight Your Work Experience: If you have a consistent and strong work history, then you should go for a reverse chronological resume because it would attract the hiring team with your remarkable efforts and work experience.


  1. Display Your Skills: In case you have gaps in your work history, or it is not suitable for the job you are applying for, then you can select the functional resume format in which your exceptional skills and achievements would be prominent.


  1. Combination of Both: The combination resume format would be perfect if you have mind-blowing skills and an excellent work history. The format will highlight your success in both aspects and attract the hiring manager with them.


Considering Industries for Resume Customization

Sometimes it is necessary to tailor the resume in accordance with the kind of company you are applying to. One must identify the industry before customizing the resume because different industries prefer different formats of resumes. Thus, to be hired by your dream industry, it is essential to make your resume outstanding according to that industry. Here are three types of industries according to which you select your resume format:


  1. Engineering and Technology: These types of industries focus on highlighted work experience and technical projects. So, a reverse chronological resume would fit best for this type of industry.


  1. Conservative Industries: Some jobs in conservative industries, including finance, law, and accounting, also require a reverse chronological resume format so that they can get an idea of your recent activities, positions, and skills. 


  1. Creative Industries: A functional or combination resume format would be excellent if you apply for jobs like digital marketing, graphic designing, or advertising, as these roles require an individual’s brilliant skills and talents.


Utilizing Professional Resume Services

In this digital era, youth has the leverage of such online platforms that offer the best resume writing services in UAE. These platforms provide you with an online resume maker in Dubai who will tailor your resume precisely according to your information. As today’s youth is already bounded by the stress of multiple academic and professional tasks that make the competition high, this type of resume writing service offers them professionally crafted resumes. At the same time, they keep up with other activities. In this way, individuals can inspire recruiters and ace their career growth through well-structured resumes. 

Besides, it is an excellent opportunity for you to avail help from the expert resume maker if you still need to craft your resume. These experts will ensure that your resume contains the correct formatting and proper information about your appreciable skills and experiences. The resumes created by these professionals have higher possibilities of attracting companies.


The Art of Maintaining Simplicity and Clarity

You must know the art of maintaining simplicity and clarity to attract recruiters through your resume. In order to make your resume impressive, it must have correct, concrete, and complete information about your astounding skills and professional background. Keep in mind that your resume must be written in such a way that they can easily understand it as they quickly skim it. Also, a suitable font size and font style should be chosen that maintains the sophistication of the resume. Dates, headings, subheadings, contact, email, and all the other elements should be mentioned in an appropriate order. 

Furthermore, make sure to keep the details concise and clear otherwise, the hiring managers might find it annoying. Not just that, but also avoid writing long and detailed paragraphs; instead, add the information in bullet points so that it is easily readable by the recruiters. Hence, when your resume is concise and easy to read, there are more chances that it will attract recruiters with its simplicity and clarity.


To Summarise

Resume writing is the most crucial step in professional life that works as a key and opens the door to career growth. The resume should be written in correct formatting that can easily capture the eyes of the hiring teams. While crafting a resume, everyone must take out some time to decide what format suits them best for their impressive skills and experience. Furthermore, one must consider the industries for the safe side and then choose the resume format accordingly for better chances of getting hired. After the selection of the suitable resume format, now is the time to start structuring the resume with its main elements.

In addition to that, add the correct information with concise and appropriate details so that the recruiters find it eye-catching. Make sure to highlight your accomplishments, skill set, and job experiences in the bullet points to make an impression. Apart from that, the option of resume writing services can also be availed for crafting the best resume by the expert. In short, tailor your resume in such a way that it stands above the rest and inspires the recruiters so that they get a valid reason to hire you.