7 Best Jobs You Have Never Heard Of


There is a vast range of professions in the world, but we limit ourselves to the doctor, engineering, and teaching professions. But we should have surveyed other interesting professions that have a good scope and salary. If you do not explore other careers, you miss something exciting in each unique profession. 

The key step in choosing the right profession is to identify your passion and skills, know who you are, what you love, what you are good at, and most importantly, what you want to achieve in your life and analyze your short-term and long-term goals. This will help you select the profession that falls under your interests and goals.

Buckle up; today, we are going to uncover the 7 best jobs and professions that many people need to know, and we are sure that you have never heard of those jobs. These hidden gems might awaken a new career interest in you. Who knows, that one of them could be your dream job. 

Here is a list of the 7 best unique jobs and professions that you have never heard of:


Foley artists are people with deep knowledge of sound, music, and rhythm. They worked in the television and film industry to create sound effects to enhance the auditory experience of the scene. They replaced sounds that were not appropriately recorded on the sets. They use various props and different materials to create that specific sound that accurately aligns with the scene; these sounds include anything from the swishing of clothing, the breaking of glass, rustling leaves, footsteps, or creaking doors. 

The Foley artists have a combination of skills that make them perfect; they have gone through the training process to succeed in their respective fields. They must possess specific skills like creativity, technical knowledge about sound-editing and music, collaboration skills so that they work in a competitive team, and, most importantly, strong work ethics. Foley artists don’t need any degree because it is a creative skill that anyone can learn. The standard wage for Foley artists is $2,773 per week or $144,202 per year; salary may vary or depend on professional experience or skills.


Cognitive ergonomics are the professionals who are concerned with how people interact with technology, machines, and designs. These individuals specialized in designing systems and studying them on different levels, quality products, and environments that optimize and enhance human performance and well-being. They are also known as a human-factor engineer, which involves mental effort, decision-making, interaction with computers and technical machines, human reliability, and work stress. 

The Cognitive Ergonomist must have the proper understanding of cognitive psychology, strong analytical research and problem-solving skills, excellent communication skills, or proficiency in designing accessible user interfaces with high interaction ability. To become a cognitive ergonomist, you can do a bachelor's in psychology, or cognitive science, or industrial engineering. To make your career more stable in this field, the students pursue a Master's and Ph.D. for further specialized knowledge and experience. The average hourly salary of a Cognitive Ergonomist in the U.S. is $33.42. 


Bereavement Counselors, also known as Grief Counselors, are professional, qualified, and trained individuals who provide counseling services to families and people who are suffering from some sort of grief, like the person having grief illness because of the death of their loved one. The Bereavement Counselor worked as a therapist to treat and take them out of grief so that they enjoy their happy life. These counselors work on both psychological and social aspects of the person, and they provide extensive care and mental support to their patients to help them get back to life. 

To be a Bereavement Counselor, a bachelor's degree in psychology is required, with a Master's in counseling and a lot of practice to get some professional experience. You will need excellent verbal communication skills with strong, active listening to understand the emotional status of your client, and you should show some empathy towards your patients so that they feel relaxed when they share their feelings with you. The annual salary of a Bereavement Counselor is $76,629; the salary may vary or depend on experience or qualifications.


Food Stylists are talented professionals who work on location with the food styling scene. They prepare, style, and design the photography food; they are responsible for styling and placing the food attractively so that the viewer will be obsessed with the food picture. They are involved in every shoot stage to perfectly plan recipes, prepare food, and serve it with a unique style. The food stylist must have good knowledge, a deep understanding of ingredients and different cuisines, and a strong passion for food. 

Food stylists must possess strong organizing and detail-oriented skills, and they must also have good photography skills, time management skills, and a high level of creativity. With a Bachelor's degree in culinary arts, baking, or nutrition, you can enter the food stylist profession, but you need some relevant training regarding photography and food preparation. The salary range of a food stylist in the U.S. is $66,033 to $82,918, which may vary depending on skills and expertise.


It might be a favorite job of every individual. Imagine earning money by just SLEEPING! But in reality, they generally worked in scientific research to identify and consider different sleep patterns or evaluate various sleep-related products and styles. They do proper research and write reports about their experience with sleep patterns and pillow and mattress testing. They generally worked in the hospitality and manufacturing industries. 

Professional sleepers have flexible personalities and have the ability to sleep in a new environment while people are watching them; they must have good communication and interpersonal skills. Sometimes, they have to consume sleeping pills that help them sleep peacefully. There are no specific degrees required to be a professional sleeper, but some necessary knowledge, relevant training, and, most importantly, experience. The average weekly salary of a professional sleeper in the U.S. is $1,522.


Pet food companies hire a professional individual to taste and evaluate the nutritional value and quality of their pet food. The primary aim is to retain the quality, taste, and standard of the product. The food taster ensures that the texture, smell, and nutritional content are accurate and meet the company’s hygienic criteria. This professional individual also prepares nutritional reports and presents ideas on how to improve the quality of pet food further. 

The dog food taster must have a strong sense of taste and smell because these people are responsible for assessing important pet food manufacturing factors such as flavor, texture, aroma, and quality. Their honest feedback helps the manufacturer to improve and refine the food quality further. They must have good written and verbal communication skills, good knowledge of pet nutrition, and strong sensory perception. A degree in Food Science in Culinary arts or a Nutrition degree can be helpful; the average salary of a dog food taster in the U.S. is $38.36 an hour.


Not everyone is aware of the word ‘Sommelier’; they are professional wine experts. Well-trained and possessing exceptional knowledge of wine, they are responsible for managing and developing the wine list and for the timely delivery of wine to clients or other restaurants. They typically work in hotels and restaurants, or wine bars. They assist the customers in selecting the wines and guide them about the various aspects of wines with proper serving. 

There is no specific degree required to be a Sommelier, but it requires some basic training and a highly superior knowledge of the wine and its types, with super tasting skills and excellent customer service and communication skills. Anyone who wants to be a Sommelier gains professional experience by working in a hotel or bar. There are also certifications available in Sommelier to get proper knowledge and skills. The average salary of a Sommelier in the U.S. is $57566 per year. 


Every unique job requires some unique skills, and every person has some special skills that make them different from others. Only some people are good for some roles. The profession that is mentioned in this blog will give you a wide range of exciting professional ideas you can consider according to your interests. You can also take a personality and career test so that it will be easy for you to choose your career depending on your taste and skills. 

There is a list of professions that we have yet to hear of, but we hope that you are familiar with some of them now. Furthermore, you can explore the internet to search more about rare professions like golf ball driver, prosthetist, snake milker, professional mourner, acupuncturist, color specialist, and much more. But every profession requires some specific education and skills and an interested individual who is concerned and obsessed with their career. These rare jobs also have a reasonable hourly salary, which is quite better than other professions.