Top Job Trends 2020 In Uae

At the beginning of the year 2020, we will continue to witness a lot of new job trends in the emerging market including all the sectors from technology, artificial intelligence, robotics, hospitals, banks, and organizations. The latest trends turn to change radically when the New Year begins and with the advanced use of technology.

How can a person stay employable in the developing job market as a job hunter? You won’t be able to conquer it until it comes to your current job. “Learning skill and different abilities can help you to stay employable and promote your professional profile,” said Mater. It is a process that will continue to benefit you in the long term. You need to grow with the growth of your organization. Skill is something that is required everywhere it has become a fluid and most of the industries emphasize hard and soft skills.

Digitization in United Arab Emirate:

In UAE, the transformation in the digital sector is witness across different industries as a result of which Data Scientist is now ranked as the top latest job in UAE. According to the Smart Dubai, 2021 Strategy and the government strategy for Artificial Intelligence said “UAE is focusing more on technological employment and using digitalization”

If we look at the latest researches on the top job trends the world’s largest professional website Linkedin’s, has witnessed a major change this year. Companies now encourage to highpoint their skills on their profiles for better opportunities and to enhance recruitment processes.

Listing some of the top job trends 2020 in the United Arab Emirates:

Marketing Specialist:

Speaking of top job trends 2020 in UAE, let’s begin from the Digital companies. PwC Annual Global CEO thinks they are required to hire managers to deal with an advanced performance according to their survey earlier this year. Marketing specialist requires an academic background of business, market, advertisement, and sales. UAE is offering AED 98,909 salary to an average marketing specialist.

Customer Specialist:

Any information regarding the services and the products that are offered by your firm is given by the customer specialist. You’ve to answer the queries by the customers and provide them the information about issuing bills or opening or closing of customer’s account. Clear communication skills, positive language, and attitude is a must for a customs officer. The average salary for the customer specialist Ranges from AED 438 – 19,800

Developer of Android:

With the change of time and technology, the demand for android developers has increased drastically. Companies need people who can develop advanced applications. For this job, you’ve to have an experience of SQL, Basic XLM, SDK concepts or JAWA expertise. Most companies offer AED 4,993 per month for an android developer


The year 2020 will need more cybersecurity officers because cybercrime has been rising with the additional use of advance technology. Since UAE forces on digitalization, they will need more cybersecurity in the coming year. For a cybersecurity officer, UAE offers up to AED 3,231 per month. Good news is CV writing service in Dubai offers professional CV’s that can help you in attaining the right job.