Things To Avoid Making A Perfect Resume

A resume is a written statement of your academic and professional records. It is very important for a job seeker to make a resume which is impressive to the employer because it is your first impression to them, and on the behalf of this paper you would be called for an interview or may be rejected. It is in observation that many  employees give job applications like crazy but all these goes in a dustbin, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have potential for this job but it usually occurs due to the mistakes in your resume which means a lot for the recruiter, so you should aware about the things to include and exclude in it. It is very usual committing a mistake if you are making a resume for the first time or even you don’t know how to make it perfectly, these are some points you should avoid while making a resume to make it an impressive one to the employer.

Make sure that your resume is free from all grammatical mistakes, and writing errors, it brings a negative impression on an employer that” the person can’t write or the person is careless”. Avoid using the first person “I” or third person “he/she” in your resume.

A recruiter has only 10-15 seconds to go through your resume, so it is important to make it precise without compromising your achievements. An ideal resume should be 1 page only, but if you have more than 10-15 years experience than you can take it to 2 pages.

A recruiter is always interested in the duties you have performed in previous jobs instead of your achievements. For Example: “Attend weekly meetings”. An employer would like to have this statement “Attend weekly meetings and record them in Microsoft based file for the future Organizational reference”.

Make sure the contact information you have mentioned in your resume is up-to-date. Sometimes it happens that employers call you but couldn’t make any contact, because of the inappropriate address and an older or incorrect phone number which you have been using before.

Don’t list all your achievements, emphasis on your ability to demonstrate the problems. Tell them about your potential to solve the problems in a meantime, once you get an opportunity to solve them.

The layout of your resume should be simple and easy for the reader. Only provide relevant information, because they don’t like too many detailed pages, need to go through it quickly. Don’t use too many fonts and clutter layouts, choose a simple one.

Most of the employees use clutches in their resume, which makes a lazy impact on the employer. The recruiters have gone through thousands of resume and they experience lots of resumes where people claimed themselves as a good team player, good communicator, etc. You should come up with something original to express your interpersonal skills.

Most of the employees put the experience and qualification according to the need of the employer, but in reality, they don’t possess these qualifications. It experience very badly if you lie in your resume and the recruiter asks something from this section, your mind would be trip and results in a terrible interview. You can be hired if you are under qualified, the recruiters mostly prefer people desperate to learn.

If you want to achieve your dream job, these mistake avoiding tips will be helpful to you in making a perfect and impressive resume.