Learn How Attaching Qr Codes On Resumes Increase Job Opportunities

QR Codes on Resumes

Every day, we come across technological inventions that are making our lives easy. In the era of the digital world, where every digital development is serving the people with an effective alternative. For instance, the services of online payments and the use of quick response codes for instant access to the intended information. As regular users of digital applications, we all know that QR codes are the future of online transitions, reaching out to people and sharing information with the target audience. On the other hand, unemployment has become a social issue worldwide. Hence, that’s the reason many are trying to impress recruiters with different implementations on their CVs. However, they must understand that at this time of urgent need, they have to obtain better options. Likewise, putting QR codes on resumes. Therefore scroll down to learn why attaching a QR code to a resume is beneficial.

Why Putting QR Codes on Resumes is a Need of Today?

Resumes are real representations of our acquired skills and gained professional experience. Similarly, every graduate or professional doesn’t want to miss any chance to grab the perfect job opportunity, and in order to get their dream employment, they use various techniques. Such as proclaiming the needed skills, dressing up as a diligent professional and building a strong and attractive CV.

However, all techniques backslide when applicants fail to present their skills, experience and interest in the most productive ways. That’s why QR codes on resumes come as the best alternative for inspiring candidates who want to showcase their active personalities in front of the hiring team. So, if you also think, why should resumes have a QR code? And how it can help applicants. Then find out why the QR code of the portfolio on a CV is essential for job hunters. 

To Highlights Resume with Creativity 

Nowadays, it is vital to learn about all the best ways of influencing recruiters with your CV, as applicants have their own style for designing their resumes. Likewise, some highlight their skills beyond all other sharing information, and some choose to share only their past work experience. But in today’s time, recruiters also search for those who can display themselves with creativity. So, the attachment of a QR code on your portfolio can convey a positive statement that can lead to an instant interview call. 

Gives Professional Look 

This corporate world depends on those individuals who have become examples of professionalism. Simply put, your resume also requires a new look or implementation that defines the professionalism you can bring forth after employment. Hence, this technological feature of a QR code on a resume can be the perfect example of professionalism. 

Provides more information

During the CV-making process, applicants usually complain about the limited space available on their resume as hiring companies go forward with one-paced CVs. So, for the ease of the contestants, a digitalised QR code can directly lead the employers towards their crafted portfolio of skills and experience. As a result, this attachment exhibits your talent and creative presence to the recruiters. 

Help in acquiring employment Offers. 

Sending the employment application by attaching a CV and portfolio is the first step towards employment. However, no one knows when they will receive the interview call, and waiting becomes the only option. But QR code scanning can alarm the candidate about the entries of employers on their portfolios or professional profiles. Moreover, the chances of hiring increase when recruiters spend more time on the shared links of portfolios or other documents shared by the applicant. 

Prime Benefits of Putting QR Codes on Portfolios Resumes

We may have different options or thoughts regarding the services and facilities of technologies, but the essential purpose of all these digital inventions is only for the betterment of humans. On that account, in order to admire the creative and innovative advantages of QR scanning on resumes, let's go through some leading benefits it offers for job hunters. 

It leads employers towards your expertise.

The highlight of a number of skills and interests also converts resumes into overloaded portfolios, as CVs must look professional and easy to read. Similarly, no one wants to spend more time on specific curriculum vitae. That’s why the QR code on resume guides the recruiter towards your achievement with just a single scan. 

Showcases the intended skills of the applicants.

In the resumes of talented individuals, the signs of productivity are lost due to the unavailability of actual evidence of pursued skills. Secondly, a digital document of the portfolio can speak the songs of diligent and experienced candidates. On that account, this feature or QR scanning can be the highlight of your CV. 

It Grabs the Attention of Recruiters

The hiring process is about impressing the employers or management and influencing them to select you as their best option. In addition, it is also important to leave a positive and remembering mark of your persona during interview time or sending a resume application. So, for that reason, the QR code feature will leave a strong impression of your professional profile on hiring managers. 

Convert Your CV into Professional Digital Resume

Do you know what a mediocre CV is? In simple terms, a resume with old-fashioned templates, an unprofessional writing style, and overloaded data of the candidate makes it mediocre. But the option of QR scanning on the top of the resume can change the whole perspective of the recruiters, as an innovative digital resume is worth admiring nowadays.

How to generate QR codes for free?

It is an easy process for those who can operate an internet browser, as you must have the online link or URL of your intended website, page or profile. The search engines are filled with various alternatives of how to generate the QR codes for free. However, here is the simplest guide to generating the QR code of your own website, social media account, email address, or any corporate business account. 

If it looks challenging to find the right server website for free QR generation, try these freemium platforms that can help you get the CR copy in a few minutes. 

How to add QR codes on Resumes

Today, hiring someone to write your resume has become a regular thing, as they take all the hustle of making the resume creative, attractive, and professional at the same time. But if you are constructing the CV on your own. Then, follow the instruction to add a QR code on the resume shared below: 

Easy way to Generate LinkedIn QR code.

LinkedIn is one of the most popular professional and career-building websites worldwide, and it is also acceptable to include an internal link to the profile. On the other hand, this one of the leading opportunistic job searching platforms has come with QR code features that are easy to download and share. Hence, find out how to create a QR code for your LinkedIn profile by following simple steps.

Things to Know before including QR codes on your CV.


The world is turning to digitalization and features such as QR Codes on Resumes are another positive step to converting our lives with digital applications. Therefore without showing so much dependability, we should always appreciate the new innovation.

Furthermore, job hunters need these features to extend the chances of their employment, as skillful people also need new innovative ways to get employment in their dream place. So, take advantage of this feature of a QR code on the resume and update your CV. That's all for now. Kindly visit our website for professional and affordable CV writing services and other assistance. Take care! 


Is adding a QR code on a resume safe?

QR code saves spaces in the resume and provides more information about the applicants, as job searchers are advised to share your resume with authentic recruiters. 

Why should resumes have a QR code?

The QR code of your portfolio, business website, or LinkedIn profile increases the productivity of your resume, as many companies will be able to learn more about you. 

Is generating a QR code free? 

Yes! There are numerous websites, such as QR Code Generator 

Freeqrcode.net and QR Code Monkey offer QR code services for free.